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"this is me with the words on the tip of my tounge..."

jeez i need to update more. well i went to NYC with brittany and vanessa this weekend. it was seriously so much fun. ahh i let brittany spend some of my money. i had to make it up to her. if you know who i've been "seeing" well, he was in NYC :D .. i'm not gonna put anything else about him in here. because i still feel bad about some things that have been going on that involes him, me &someone else. and i don't want to throw a pity party for myself in my LJ. soo next subject. well i'm gonna be busy recording for awhile. *gets all excited* ahh just walking into the studio and all, it's amazing. I'm not too confident that my CD will be good, but you know what, it sure will be a hell of alot fun for me to make. because i get to play freakin guitar and stuff for it!! :D so how do you all like my movie?? i know alot of you have seen it *smiles*. i proommisee i'll make a real update sometime soon. reaally. i will!! <33

edit; i got myself some freaky friday icons!! so check 'em out.
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