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i love this icon

screw filming another movie. i'm too busy lately. yeah so all i've done this year is filmed freaky friday and made a CD. but i'm no J-Lo so i'm not used to all of this stuff, and after recording most of my CD i was rushed into filming 'confessions of a teenage drama queen', which by the way isn't even done yet!! where is my time off?? actually on Saturday i had a day off from filming so i went and saw American Wedding. if you haven't seen that you should go see it NOW!! don't spend all of your free time on livejournal!! &make sure you see my movie too :-D . I won't be able to go see freaky friday though and have to watch myself on like a 50 foot screen [because im such a dork like that] &all. but i know you'd love to see it!! it comes out in just a few days... so don't make any other plans for friday!
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