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What i like about you [entries|friends|calendar]
Lindsay Morgan Lohan

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[13 Nov 2003|09:29pm]
I'm sleepy
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[29 Aug 2003|07:15pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i changed my icons back to normal. my flashing ones were even making ME dizzy.
the VMAS were HOTT last night. enough said?
Aaron Carter is back, how fun :/
we'll see how this goes.

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[25 Aug 2003|04:32pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

i haven't updated in awhile. because i've been soo busy. in LA recording and stuff. :/ i don't even have anything to write about.. hmm. well that was boring wasnt it?

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[22 Aug 2003|08:08pm]
wayy too much new to even write about! ahh some of you are SO great. hmm i haven't been on AIM much lately. *slaps myself* so i know i've been missing out..
i got to see my BRITTANY SNOW!!! she needs to update her journal. and VANESSA should still get one. hint hint if you're bored.
wooo. hah SO much fun the other night. i'll leave it at that.
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[21 Aug 2003|01:18pm]
hey guys!! i'm in NYC!! woo. and i'm havin this party thing 2night. so if you're in new york, stop by!! ahh i'm soo excittedd
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[19 Aug 2003|12:29pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

like so much has been going on. almost TOO much. i tried to have some fun last night and go out to someone's house. but of course that didn't work. he is such a player. well, he knows who he is. and you might know. if you're good friends with me and stuff. or if you keep up with every single detail that you hear in the news. uhh so yeah. last night didn't work out. i came home early because of some stuff that happened when i was over there. so last night was pretty bad. but then brittany came over because she is the best person ever and made me feel soo much better :D , so i'm just happy for that. look i know i leave out alot of details in here. but that's because i'm not really ready to let people know everything about my life. so sorry if some of the things i say don't really make any well, sense. i'll get around to making sense sometime, i promise.

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"this is me with the words on the tip of my tounge..." [18 Aug 2003|11:59am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

jeez i need to update more. well i went to NYC with brittany and vanessa this weekend. it was seriously so much fun. ahh i let brittany spend some of my money. i had to make it up to her. if you know who i've been "seeing" well, he was in NYC :D .. i'm not gonna put anything else about him in here. because i still feel bad about some things that have been going on that involes him, me &someone else. and i don't want to throw a pity party for myself in my LJ. soo next subject. well i'm gonna be busy recording for awhile. *gets all excited* ahh just walking into the studio and all, it's amazing. I'm not too confident that my CD will be good, but you know what, it sure will be a hell of alot fun for me to make. because i get to play freakin guitar and stuff for it!! :D so how do you all like my movie?? i know alot of you have seen it *smiles*. i proommisee i'll make a real update sometime soon. reaally. i will!! <33

edit; i got myself some freaky friday icons!! so check 'em out.

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[14 Aug 2003|10:05pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

a snow storm hit my car today, yes.. miss brittany snow!! she almost got me killed today. do NOT let that girl drive your car. she is a very bad driver haha. sorry girl. admit it :-P i love you anyway though!! hmm lets see. what else did i do today? went shopping with brittany, went to work for a little, went out to pick up something to eat, and now brittany is here, eating all of my food. hmm oh well. i'll make myself something i guess!! ahh brittany has to work like all day tomorrow?? WTF AM I GONNA DO!!?? i'm in LA.. so if you wanna hang out tomorrow then give me a call :D

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[13 Aug 2003|03:01pm]
[ mood | blank ]

maybe my life isn't so boring after all. Me & brittany__snow went out shopping and stuff last night!! :D it was so fun. that girl is awesome &im so glad she got a journal. have you all been watching her on those American Dreams re-runs on Sunday nights??? i hope so!! :D i've been on the phone//aim with some people today, but it seems quite a few people are too busy to go out tonight. anybody up for it??

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[12 Aug 2003|11:16am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

is it time for an update yet?? *lindsay thinks it is*
okay well, i got brittany__snow a journal!! because she is just too sweet. so check that out... and um yeah! i think i should try to not swear as much. or at least cut some of the words out. i think it's scaring some people away *grins* .. i haven't been doing much lately. i'm in LA now .. which is fun i guess, but i had to leave new york yesterday :( .. but not before i got to have one last good night out [dancing and all that fun stuff] i'm going to be working on my album and all for a while, which is ya know, fun, but i won't have as much time to get out and all. i guess that happens when you work though. hmm dont got much else to write about. so you can i/m me sometime

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sorry for no lj cut.. i dont even know how to fucking do one [11 Aug 2003|12:37am]
i did a whole shit load bunch of these tonight, so why not just post them all at once??

<td bgcolor="#000000">Enter your nickname</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Freak? Or kinky?</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Sources tell us you...</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">...hey...that's my ASS! EASY! </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Guess how many know?</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">88</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Your biggest fantasy is...</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">To have group sex. </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Your biggest secret is...</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Secret? You HAVE no secrets. </td></tr>
Your Dirty Mind by MySecretGarden
Created with quill18</a>'s MemeGen!

<td bgcolor="#000000">Your secret name</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Your big secret...heh.</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Crack dealer! Back off, freak! </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">How many people know.</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">27</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Your parents know.</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">They know squat. You're safe. </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">How *I* knew. </td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Your parole officer told me. </td></tr>
I KNOW Your Lil Secret! by terribastedo
Created with quill18</a>'s MemeGen!

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everyone was doing this.. so i decided to do it, too [10 Aug 2003|03:24pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

<td bgcolor="#000000">Name</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Date</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">December 12, 2036</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Spouse</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Daniel Radcliffe </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Price of Wedding</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">$609,273</td></tr>
Who Will You Marry? by Sari
Created with quill18</a>'s MemeGen!

not that bad. he can be a cutie you know, hmm and British Boys *smiles*
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[07 Aug 2003|11:47pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

ohmygod. do you know who my new favorite person is?? brittany snow! that girl is such a cutie. and i love the show american dreams that she stars in. did you see her on the cover of Teen? i never bought that magazine before but i saw her on the cover &had to. she has an adorable 4 page spread in it. i'm making a little section of my room deticated to pictures from the cast of american dreams [obviously those are going to be put up on my wall] .. where is this girl? i haven't talked to her in forever. hmm. she is lacking a LJ. i'll make her get one. you know who should also get one? vanessa lengies. i bet you don't know who she is, but she is just as pretty as brittany and plays her best friend (roxanne) on american dreams. wow i sure am giving this show a lot of publicity! okay so about my night.. well, what night? My friends dragged me out to see my movie, Freaky Friday-big mistake. They sure like to torture me! well all these people were so fucking annoying "can you step outside so i can get a picture" or "lindsay will you please sign this!?". my god it's a fucking movie theater. it's dark. how did i get noticed? maybe they just recognised my cute face as soon as i walked into the theater :D .. i am very hott adorable in person. well more hott adorable than i already am. well anyways.. i left the theater. i think it's safer out on the streets of new york than being in a crowded room with all of your fans. opps. should have saw that coming. so anyway i went dancing tonight *big smiles*. but only for a few hours. i was soo happy and just had to go out. because as it says in my last entry--i got tickets to see justin and christina!! i'm still soo happy about that one. well i'm out--i want to chat w/ some people on AIM over the phone. &if you EVER want to go out dancing with me, pleeaseee do. i'm pretty much going to be back and forth from los angeles to different parts of new york for the next few months. so hopefully i will get to visit some of you. i kind of made up this away message tonight. and i'm going to share it with you:
edit; i took the away message thing out. it was in there for long enough. if you didn't see it, then too bad. nobody cared to comment, anyway
i'd love to talk to someone. someone my own age [no offense to anyone] .. like 15-20. i could really use it right now...
*pretends everything is okay*

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[07 Aug 2003|01:28am]
[ mood | amused ]

i just saw my video for 'ultimate' again .. &wow. i'm like disney's new hilary duff *laughs* , no seriously hilary is great but disney just seems to be over exposing me like they kind of did to hilary. but hey, it worked for her!! [ by the way hilary, if youre reading this, i really like your new song :-D ] it's just a little embarassing for me, because everybody seems to know who i am now. i used to be able to go to a few places without getting recognised but now wherever i go everyone is so fucking annoying all up in my face. it's not that bad, but Disney is making me seem like some 7th grader. i have an effing life, i swear. except for tonight. nobody wanted to go out dancing with me, so i sat at home &watched most of you on the teen choice awards [including me]. that was fucking weird to watch, mostly because i didn't remember most of it i was so high well i'm off to bed.. &i'm gonna say hey to brittanyhargest!! i spammed her LJ today with about 50 comments. oh i bet she loves me now *rolls eyes*

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[06 Aug 2003|10:43am]
[ mood | amused ]

dancing was amazing last night!! i couldn't stay out too late though because i had to get up at 7am today [i know that's not very early but i told myself i was going to sleep in untill noon!] to get ready for the day &all. i'm sure you know how it is. but yeah okay i lied, my cd isn't almost done. i just wanted to make my year seem more interesting haha. it's not a total lie though because i have already done a few songs for it. i'm very excited, because it's due out next year which in reality isn't too far away!! okay i'm making this pretty lame so i'm just going to leave before i make you all bored!!

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shopping! [05 Aug 2003|10:21pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

well i know i just posted an hour ago. but i rushed out to barney's [the one on Madison Avenue of course!] right after i posted this [i'm in new york fimling by the way] and got this awesome dress. i love it!! obviously i'm a little ecstatic right now, so i'm probably going to some place to dance in my cool dress of course. and tomorrow i am going to sleep in. untill noon! because i'm usually only filming at night when im in NYC.. but i'll update about it tomorrow

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i love this icon [05 Aug 2003|09:15pm]
[ mood | tired ]

screw filming another movie. i'm too busy lately. yeah so all i've done this year is filmed freaky friday and made a CD. but i'm no J-Lo so i'm not used to all of this stuff, and after recording most of my CD i was rushed into filming 'confessions of a teenage drama queen', which by the way isn't even done yet!! where is my time off?? actually on Saturday i had a day off from filming so i went and saw American Wedding. if you haven't seen that you should go see it NOW!! don't spend all of your free time on livejournal!! &make sure you see my movie too :-D . I won't be able to go see freaky friday though and have to watch myself on like a 50 foot screen [because im such a dork like that] &all. but i know you'd love to see it!! it comes out in just a few days... so don't make any other plans for friday!

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wow... [04 Aug 2003|10:50am]
i was actually watching MTV yesterday and their news thing came on, et on mtv or ya kno whatever that show is. i guess i did some interview for them (i can't remember much lately, there are so many things going on!) and saw my self with my new hair style on tv for the first time. what was i thinking!?! I really don't like the color but the style doesnt matter because every day i can change how it looks but whatever ya know? I don't think i'm making much sense, all this rushing around filming another movie (If you havent figured it out yet, the movie is called Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen) , which i think will turn out very cool by the way, and tryin to promote my new movie (& you better know what i'm talking about!!! Freaky Friday.. go and see it :-D ) is making me very tired. Got to get back to filming!
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1st Entry. Does my "DISCLAIMER" work? [01 Aug 2003|04:24am]
[ mood | excited ]

I am so cute. :-D

Joel Madden so wants me.

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