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What i like about you

.. you really know how to dance

Lindsay Morgan Lohan
2 July
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Damn I'm cute. :-D

You probably know who i am. Most of you remember me from The Parent Trap. But you shouldn't!! You should remember me from FREAKY FRIDAY, MEAN GIRLS and Confessions of a Teen-age Drama Queen.

I'm the oldest child from a family of 6, & I love it! I was raised in New York and still live there today. I love everything about New York, from the shopping on Madison Avenue to the filming i'm currently doing downtown. When i was only three, I started modeling and acting, and have been in over 50 TV commericals. I finally got my 'big break' on January 5th, 1997. I signed on to film the new version of The Parent Trap. That took a good 7 months to film so i took some time off after that. In 1999 i got to film the movie Life Size with Tyra Banks, which was super fun and exciting because she is a big inspiration to me. In early 2001 i started filming the movie Get a Clue for Disney Channel. It came out in January of 2002. As you can see, me &Disney go far back! At the end of July 2002 Disney announced that i would be the main character in their new movie, Freaky Friday. Now my lifelong dream is really to become a singer, and in September 2002 i finally learned that it would possibly come true! I get to do an album! My music is going to be mostly punk rock-ish, which is pretty 'in' right now. My favorite singers/bands include Christina Aguilera, Britney, J.Lo, Lil Kim, Mya, Destiny's Child, and Bow-Wow. I love to shop, especially at Abercrombie, Barney's, Prada, and Steve Madden. If i'm watching a movie, it's usually Ferris Buller's Day Off, Bring it On, and *gasps* Disney's The Little Mermaid! My favorite actors/actresses include Sarah Michelle Gellar [got to love Cruel Intentions & Buffy!], Brad Pitt, and Tom Hanks. My role model is Madonna. When I get time off I love to watch 7th Heaven, Boy Meets World, and Dawson's Creek. Oh yeah and I absolutely adore Prada bags. I have a pretty busy life, and i do more than it seems. I have this super cool white BMW 330 convertible [aww yeah]. I'm really involved with charities and stuff like that also. Even though i'm busy, i always find time to go online! So make sure you im me.

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[i am not Lindsay, read the disclaimer and move on.]