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i was actually watching MTV yesterday and their news thing came on, et on mtv or ya kno whatever that show is. i guess i did some interview for them (i can't remember much lately, there are so many things going on!) and saw my self with my new hair style on tv for the first time. what was i thinking!?! I really don't like the color but the style doesnt matter because every day i can change how it looks but whatever ya know? I don't think i'm making much sense, all this rushing around filming another movie (If you havent figured it out yet, the movie is called Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen) , which i think will turn out very cool by the way, and tryin to promote my new movie (& you better know what i'm talking about!!! Freaky Friday.. go and see it :-D ) is making me very tired. Got to get back to filming!
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