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like so much has been going on. almost TOO much. i tried to have some fun last night and go out to someone's house. but of course that didn't work. he is such a player. well, he knows who he is. and you might know. if you're good friends with me and stuff. or if you keep up with every single detail that you hear in the news. uhh so yeah. last night didn't work out. i came home early because of some stuff that happened when i was over there. so last night was pretty bad. but then brittany came over because she is the best person ever and made me feel soo much better :D , so i'm just happy for that. look i know i leave out alot of details in here. but that's because i'm not really ready to let people know everything about my life. so sorry if some of the things i say don't really make any well, sense. i'll get around to making sense sometime, i promise.
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